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Keys to Your Success…

Your front-line supervisors are critical to your organzation. While leaders at all levels are important, to truly thrive you must focus on developing those on the first step of the leadership ladder. We help you get the most of your new leaders by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to make the organization a success.

They need to be prepared to improve your bottomline. We provide these important leaders with a roadmap to achieve success.

Whether you want one-on-one coaching, a focused boot camp or online training, My HR Department is here to help.

Our Training Covers

  • Finding, Hiring and Keeping the Right Employees
  • EEO/Sexual Harassment
  • Discipline/Termination
  • Employee Motivation
  • Employment Law
  • Ethics
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution

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    The people who are key to the success in any organization are the front-line supervisors.

    Leaders at all levels are important, but organizations that truly want to thrive need to focus on that very first step of the leadership ladder. But that bottom rung is the leadership rung most ignored.

    This book is a primer for supervisors to understand the importance of their role and the key elements that will make them successful. It is also a roadmap for organizations to use when developing training for their front-line leaders.


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