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You may feel you have most of your HR needs taken care of, but want to have someone you can call to confidentially discuss troublesome employee issues or to review options for HR programs and policies.

Penny Miller is available at your convenience to talk by phone, by videoconference, or in person (whenever possible.) We advise against discussing employee matters by email.

Have a time-consuming project or one that you don’t have the expertise to do in house? My HR Department can help. We can either do the project for you or find the expertise you need from people and companies we trust.

Our On Demand Services

  • Unlimited telephone, e-mail, or in person support
  • Personal, hands-on guidance on how to document performance evaluations, corrective action issues, terminations, and other employee management related matters.
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Customized employee documents — Pre-Hire through Separation
  • Compliant employee file models
  • HIPAA guidance
  • Review of Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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Training should be focused on  both reducing risk and improving performance.  The areas supervisors need training in can be summarized with the 6 C’s of Training: Compliance, Communication, Collaboration, Conflict, Change, and Coaching.  I have used the 5 C’s, but overtime have found the concept of Collaboration important enough to separate it out for emphasis.

You’ll note that with the exception of Compliance, all of these areas are skills that fall under the umbrella of leadership.  We are really training supervisors on leadership and adding knowledge about compliance.


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