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Do you know if you are compliant with the many laws and regulations that your business needs to know? Have you looked at the risks to your business and developed plans to mitigate them? From workplace postings, safety, and policies to workplace investigations and compliance audits, My HR Department is your one-stop resource.

Compliance with laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, The Family Medical Leave Act, and The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act can be complicated for many small and medium sized business.  My HR Department provides turn key policies, procedures, consulting and guidance to make sure your organization is compliant with the law.

Our Services Include

  • Conduct HR compliance audits
  • Write policies and procedures/employee handbooks
  • Develop an HR compliance program and internal controls
  • Conduct job analysis
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Provide compliance training (EEO, sexual harassment, ethics)
  • Conduct investigations into sexual harassment and discrimination complaints

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Training should be focused on  both reducing risk and improving performance.  The areas supervisors need training in can be summarized with the 6 C’s of Training: Compliance, Communication, Collaboration, Conflict, Change, and Coaching.  I have used the 5 C’s, but overtime have found the concept of Collaboration important enough to separate it out for emphasis.

You’ll note that with the exception of Compliance, all of these areas are skills that fall under the umbrella of leadership.  We are really training supervisors on leadership and adding knowledge about compliance.


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